Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Cat in the Bathroom

I always have to close the bathroom door and there's a good reason for that ... 

My cats will tear the toilet paper up, relentlessly.

My mom, unfamiliar with cats, left the door open once while I was on vacation.  When she came back to my home to feed the cats and walked into the bathroom, she screamed. She didn't know what had happened.  But now she knows ... Now she knows exactly why we can't open the door, which I sometimes forget like I did the other day. 

As you can see below, my cats not only attacked the roll of toilet paper, but they also knocked down the toilet paper holder.  But what you see is really nothing ... I've seen much worse.  And that's why, if you ever visit my home, remember to close the door! If not, you too, will get shocked by my curtain climbing, toilet paper attacking, cats...

My cats aren't that big, but they managed to knock down the holder... pretty impressive.

After I heard a commotion in the bathroom, I knew they were up to something.  I picked up the toilet paper holder to see how much they attacked.  They got a lot this time ...


  1. OMG, absolutely hilarious. I remember when they jumped on the curtains, aiming for the little hole they tore towards the middle. At least the toilet paper wasn't shred to pieces. =)

  2. I know, this time it wasn't shredded to pieces. Although, it's happened many times. =)


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