Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Hawaii & Pennsylvania

Since we were leaving to the East Coast on Christmas Eve, my family spent Christmas on the 23rd together.  I'm glad I could spend time with my family before leaving for the East Coast.

On Christmas Eve, I flew to to the East Coast for the begining of a two week vacation.  It was eerily quiet at the airport since it was Christmas Eve! It was also a SUPER long flight to North Carolina on our lay over to New Jersey. It took nearly 9 hours to get to the East Coast.  The flight was rocky to North Carolina and my palms had sweat like crazy as we deceneded because of how freaked out I was by the turbulence due to weather conditions in the area.  Then, we caught our next flight to New Jersey and finally landed safely (thank God), where we drove another two hours to Philadelphia.

Now, I'm with family in Pennsylvania having a great time.  We spent Christmas together and it was nice.  It's also cold here, but not as cold as I expected, surprisingly!  It's nearly 39 degrees too

Before we headed out to the East Coast (in a frenzy), we ate at cold stone creamery and at a chicken place, thinking we wouldn't get any food on our flight.  But suprisingly, US Airways serves food.  I thought they were offering meals because it was Christmas Eve, but I later found out that they are one of few US airliners that serve food.  I was stuffed, but there's always room for a free meal!

When we landed in New Jersey, I could see snow from the airplane window!  It was so exciting because rarely do I get the opportunity to see snow.  We also surprised family by our arrival, my mother-in-law was particularly delighted and cried because she missed her son so much.  My husband hasn't spent the last several Christmas' with his family, so it was a nice surprise for everyone.

Now, I'm sitting at a table in my brother-in-laws house, an  area known to have inspired Milton Hershey to first build Hershey Park. It's in the middle of the woods, but a nice area.  Pennyslvania is truly a beautiful state.  I absolutely love Pennsylvania.

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  1. What's in the boxes?
    You got food on the airplane?? I never got anything and I went on US Airways ... didn't even get a drink cause they skipped me (thought I was sleeping).


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