Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bahasa Indonesia - End of Semester Grade

I couldn't be more grateful tonight.  My Indonesian language teacher sent me an email with my grade.  I got a 94% which means I scored an A-!!!

For many of you who may have read previous posts, my Bahasa Indonesia class has been killing me this semester.  I wasn't sure if I could survive the class!  Too many times, I wanted to give up, but I knew I had to continue.  It was my final semester of 4 long years of study ... Since August, I had to sacrifice a lot of time for class, studying religiously, but I feel that it has been worth it. 

I wish I had asked for my teacher's help much earlier because there was a point where I was totally lost in class.  It was a tough semester for me, especially because I was also enrolled in another intensive work-related course while in Texas when my Indonesian class first began. However, I'm glad I finally asked for help before it was too late because the tips I received from my teacher helped SO much and I couldn't be more grateful to the both of them.

Now, I can officially stop being a hermit!  No longer will I have to be a hermit, forced to stay home in order to finish my Indonesian homework assignments.  Yay! 

Also, another bit of good news ... I can finally start my application to study in Indonesia!


  1. Congratulations! You've worked hard and you reached the end. Good for you. I hope you get the chance to go to Indonesia.

  2. Thanks Jeff! I hope so too. Now, we can hang out tomorrow finally. hehe

  3. Yay Mary! You didn't need to worry so much. =)


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