Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tony Roma's Hawaii

I never thought a T.V show could pursuade my appetite until I watched "Pitt Masters," for the first time.  They were grilling meats in a competition to win a title, but all I could think about were ribs and how much I wanted to eat some.  As my husband and I watched Pitt Masters, we decided we would head to Tony Roma's in Pearl City for dinner. We had to have ribs!

It was our first time at Tony Romas, so we weren't sure what to expect. However, we quickly learned that the food would not disappoint.

The menu featured chicken, steak, seafood, and ribs.  There were salads, soups, and all sorts of sides too. 

Price:  $$

Complimentary hot bread with garlic butter. Normally, I don't use butter, but the one at Tony Roma's was garlic infused and hard to resist. 

My husband wanted to try the "Onion Loaf," after hearing how it was unbelievably good.  It definitely was a great appetizer, all 3,000 calories worth of it (i'm sure)! 

I ordered ribs with coconut shrimp, beans, and brocolli.  The beans were really good. I'm also glad they serve fresh steamed vegetables.

My ribs were good, although I wish they were more saucy.  There's nothing like saucy ribs, especially like the one my mom makes.  Fortunately, they provide you with a dish full of sauce on the side.

My husband ordered the "Star Studded Sampler," which included several types of ribs.  He also tried the corn fritter, which exceeded my expectations.  It was really good!  Of course, he had to get plain rice too (of all things).

If there's any side dish I would recommend, I'd highly suggest the corn fritter.  The plain rice you can make at home, so try a different side dish if you can unless you can't help it.

While the food was pretty good, the service was okay.  When we first walked into the restaurant, three people looked at us, but no one came by to seat us for quite some time, even though it was quite empty in the restaurant.  Eventually, a staff member came by to seat us.  Everyone seemed polite though, including our waiter.  It also didn't take too long to get our food, which was nice.

Overall, I enjoyed Tony Romas!  It was nice to feed my craving for ribs. 

See the menu: Tony Roma's

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