Monday, June 11, 2012

Takoyaki Museum - Osaka, Japan

At Universal City Walk, I saw a sign for a "Takoyaki museum" which sounded interesting.  Takoyaki is a popular food in Osaka (and around Japan).  It's gooey dough balls stuffed with pieces of octopus.

I first thought I would enter the museum to learn more about Takoyaki, but I discovered that the Japanese use the word "museum" to also describe areas where there are a number of the shops and restaurants of the same type.

The Takoyaki musuem was exactly that because it wasn't a museum, but a bunch of takoyaki restaurants and a Takoyaki gift shop.

Of course, I like Takoyaki on the street the most, but the mochi and cheese Takoyaki was amazing at the Takoyaki Museum.

Check it out if you have time and are in the area ...

Soup Curry - Japan

In Japan, I discovered "soup curry."  I first had some in Tokyo and fell in love with this dish.  

If you visit Japan anytime soon, I'd recommend soup curry.  I chose a chicken and vegetable curry which was amazing.  Now, I've been trying to replicate soup curry at home, at least once a week, because I continue to crave the flavors of my first soup curry dish in Tokyo.

I had it again in Nagoya and it was still just as amazing as I last remember.

Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

In Shibuya, there are a lot of great places to eat and shop.  There are also heaps and heaps of people!  It can get a little hectic at times.  There are so many people that it can be difficult to walk, so watch out.

The last time I went to Shibuya (last month), there were protests against nuclear energy in Japan.  It was the biggest protest I've seen.  It was interesting because protesters walked across one of Japan's busiest intersections to get their point across.

At the Shibuya crossing, you'll not only see masses of people walking across the intersection in every direction, but tons of foreigners taking pictures out of amazement.  It's hard to believe how many people are around!

Here's one of Japan's busiest intersections! 

Watching protesters ...

If you like shopping, there are a lot of stores and shops.  There's Forever 21, Zara, and Shibuya 109.  My sister loves Shibuya 109.  It has a lot of cute Japanese clothes, bags, and other goods.  There's a men and women's 109 department store.


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