Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Men Only Baking Contest

At our Christmas party this year, we had a baking contest.  However, there was a catch. The men would have to bake desserts with no help from the females, selecting their own recipes, while baking their own goods.  They also had to state "Happy Retirement GW," for our co-worker on the dessert. All of the desserts below are their contributions.

First Place Winners! 

The men in my office baked several desserts.  They presented it as a team and had excellent presentation (as seen below), winning first prize!

There were people from other sections who said it wasn't fair that we won because the rules stated only one dessert could be made, but others said there was no rule.  I wasn't at the meeting, so I'm not sure what the rules were, but I know that the team work they showed is what helped win first prize and I couldn't be more happy.  I'm really proud of them!

Brownies and Ginger Bread Cookies

A Rum Cake


I could not stop eating this dessert!  It's minty cake with gooey chocolate and mint. 

2nd Place

I absolutely loved this dessert!  I could eat the entire pie myself.  Unfortunately, it was an ice cream pie, so it melted. I still loved it, but the judges commented that the pie did not win because of the melted ice cream.

3rd Place

Yello Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles

The Runner-Up ... The minty dessert below was one of my favorite!  It was SO good.

I had too much dessert at the Christmas party.  It was a lot of fun and the guys put in a lot of effort!  I cannot believe we won again this year for the Christmas contest.  Last year, we won a door decorating contest and this year, a bake-off! 


  1. You know that runner up pie "To bad so sad"? They spelled it wrong. hehehehe =0
    Are you SURE they didn't get help? They did a pretty good job. Gingerbread cookies were CUTE. =)

  2. Yes, I know. LOL We asked, but they said no.


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