Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Honolulu Marathon - December 2009

Today, the Honolulu Marathon kicked off!  It was another successful year with nearly 23,000 signing up for the 26 mile run.   

Congratulations to Patrick Ivuti of Kenya for winning the men's title and to Svetlana Zakharova from Russia for winning the female title!  I can only imagine the training they must have had to endure to compete.  I am only 27 and I can barely run 3 miles.

In fact, watching the runners made me tired!  In a way, it was sentimental to watch the runners cross the finish line because you could see how determined they were to finish. Many of the runners were cheered on by on-lookers, friends, family, and teammates. 

It was ridiculously crowded at the finish line.  Kapiolani Park was filled with people everywhere, while there were tents scattered throughout the park, providing food, beverages, massages, and more for tired runners.

"Aloha Honolulu Marathoners!  We Salute your Spirit," was a sign displayed at the finish line.  I can only imagine the exhiliration the runners may have felt at the end.  People cheered for friends, family, and teammates, while annoucements of congratulation were blaring from speakers, as runners crossed the finish line. 

Cooling down from the heat ...  Runners immersed themselves in showers at the end of the marathon.  I felt dizzy watching the runners and wish I could've jumped in the shower too! It was hot outside ... really hot!

Of course, with every race, there are always awesome costumes!  Below, a photo of a family running together in Christmas clothes.  I was amazed when I saw these children running because it's a 26 mile marathon!  I don't ever remember running as a child, except in the playground.

Another notable runner ... a bride!  She ran in her wedding gown, of all things.  For a moment, she had trouble with her dress, but she kept on running until the end.  It must have been such a memorable moment for her. 

At the finish line, photographers took photos of runners as they crossed the finish line.  There were photographers everywhere, including camera crews and news stations covering the event. 

After the run, there were tents spread throughout Kapiolani Park for runners to refresh and relax.  It's such a beautiful park with Diamond Head in the background.

For more news on the Honolulu Marathon, click the link below:

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