Monday, December 14, 2009

Toast Master's Christmas Party

I've been a part of Toast Masters for almost a year now.  It took me nearly two years to attend a Toast Master's meeting, although I had wanted to sign up for years.  I had to sum up the courage to attend a meeting, when I decided I wanted and needed to improve my speaking skills. And it has been totally worth it! 

While many may think that Toast Masters is all about speaking, there's always room for the holidays too.  Tonight, we had our annual Christmas party.  It's a nice event for children and adults a like, as members get together to celebrate Christmas with food and laughter.

Of course, there's always entertainment.  Last year, there was a hula performance, magic, singing, and more.  One of the members loves magic and the kids (and adults) look forward to it, so there's always a little room for magic every year.


Pictionary, another fun game, entertained members and their children, who had to draw pictures related to a Christmas carole.  As soon as teammates figured out what the picture represented, they had to sing to win points.

Singing with the Ukulele ...

Tonight, the food was awesome (as usual)!  There was poke, watercress salad, fried chicken, noodles, and more.  I had planned to make fudge, but did not have a chance due to my busy schedule, so my husband tried to help out.  Unfortunately, he burnt the chocolate and all of it had to be tossed.  Instead, I bought cookies from safeway as a pot-luck item. 
Since I haven't attended a Toast Master's meeting in a while, it was nice to see everyone again at the Christmas Party.  Once I come back from vacation, I'll have to return to the meetings.  I need Toast Masters!  It's one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills, an on-going goal of mine. The best part of all is that everyone is there to support one another and to have a good time too.

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