Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soul - Honolulu, Hawaii

In 2011, Soul received a Hale Aina award for being one of the best restaurants in Hawaii.  After eating there a couple of days ago on a whim, I walked away knowing I would return again. 

Chicken and waffles in Hawaii?  Believe me.  It exists.  I was shocked, but more than happy to indulge in chicken and the most amazing waffles, smothered in a buttery maple syrup.  I would come back to eat the waffles and to try some of the other dishes, but I will be honest.  The chicken was greasy!  You might want to take some extra napkins to blot out the oil unless you get lucky and have the perfect fried chicken.

I also had jambalaya, which was full of seafood with the perfect amount of spice.  And of course, I've been a sweet tea addict since first trying it almost 10 years ago, so I knew I had to have a glass of it with my meal.  It was really great! 

If you are in the mood for southern/soul food or if you want to try something a little different, I would recommend trying Soul.  It's located at 3040 Waialae Avenue across from City Mill.  Parking is tight there and it may be tough to find, so good luck!

I can't say that I know what real southern food tastes like since I have heard that Soul is infused with pacific-rim flavors, but I did enjoy the food.  My first experience there has been positive so far and I would like to try the restaurant again. 


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