Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blazin Steaks

Tonight, I'm exhausted. 

I stayed late at work.  Then, I went to a memorial service for a friend whose father passed away.  It was a very beautiful ceremony.  Although funerals can be sad, they also allow you to reflect and really appreciate what you have.  Afterwards, I had to pick up a gift for my boss's retirement party.  Finally, I had a chance to eat and come home, only to do a couple more things.  I'm exhausted tonight. Of course, I have work this weekend too, so it's been a long week.

During busy nights, a great place to eat at is Blazin Steaks!  There are several locations throughout Hawaii and the food is oh-so good.  There's regular steak, garlic steak, fish, and chicken.  There's also a choice of white or brown rice!  There's salad on the side and you can also add additional side items for a little extra, such as onions and mushrooms.

The food at Blazin Steaks is reasonable (very)!

I would highly recommend using the Korean BBQ sauce, esp. to add the rice!  It's really good.

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