Friday, December 18, 2009

Kaka'ako Kitchen Hawaii

Every Thursday, my husband and I make it a point to try a restaurant we've never been to yet, so that we can explore different food establishments and relax from our busy lives.  Our goal is try as many restaurants as possible, so that we can enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer before we leave the islands.

Tonight, we went to Kaka'ako Kitchen at Ward in down-town Honolulu. 

Kaka'ako kitchen is an award winning restaurant, several times over.  (I noticed a wall full of awards, as I sat and waited for my food).  There are sandwhiches, salads, and main entrees to include seafood.  The dessert at Kaka'ako kitchen is also noteworthy.  If I had room to eat dessert, I would have...

Kaka'ako kitchen is a very casual place to eat at too.  You order food from the menu above and receive your food in a dipsoable container that is tossed out once finished.  It's like getting take-out, even if you plan to eat in.  There's a small area for indoor dining, although majority of the seating is outside.

I ordered the spinach and calamari salad.  (Of course, my husband had to get sushi from Genki Sushi first because he had a major craving, but I still got him a salad since he loves calamari).

If you enjoy calamari, you'll love this salad.  The calamari was too delicious, as well as the dressing drizzled over the salad.  I would highly recommend it and I'd definitely order it again.

There were a number of other salads too, such as their kobb, mediterranean, and ahi salad.

For dinner, I ordered the lacquered salmon with brown rice and greens.  The salmon had a buttery taste, since I believe the sauce consisted of shoyu, brown-sugar, and butter.  It was nice to try something new, but next time I'll definitely try something else.  I'm still addicted to garlic salmon over anything else.  It was a good choice though and I'm sure most people would enjoy the lacquered salmon.

I enjoyed Kaka'ako kitchen.  The calamari salad and lacquered salmon cost $23, which is quite reasonable, especially for seafood entrees.  I love the casual setting of Kaka'ako kitchen too.  I'd definitely return because the food is good and it's a no-hassle type restaurant, where you can eat and go without having to wait for your bill since you pay up front.

Kaka'ako Kitchen is definitely a place for tourists to enjoy because it's reasonably priced and offers a unique dining experience with local food options.


  1. I think they are known for their bread pudding. Plate lunches aren't that great there though. Only okay I think.

  2. Really? I liked their calamari salad. Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the salmon that much though. hehehe It was good, but I wouldn't get it again. I'll have to try their bread pudding sometime.

  3. I'd been here a couple times before, but I just went again last week and ordered something different which is now my favorite: Furikake Tempura Catfish with Ponzu Sauce. The batter has sesame seeds encrusted in it. It was sooo good, I didn't want to share any with my boyfriend! Highly recommended.


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