Friday, March 30, 2012

First Kitchen - Osaka, Japan

In Osaka, J and I were starving, so we stopped into First Kitchen outside of the train station.  It seemed convenient and the drinks looked good.

I believe this is a chain found all over because I've seen it in other parts of Osaka.  It's OKAY here.  If you want something quick and cheap, try out the food, but don't expect anything spectacular.

I ordered a tomato burger covered in ketchup (I love ketchup), while my strawberry smoothie was pretty good.  However, the royal milk bubble tea tastes like iced milk, so I wouldn't recommend it.


  1. OOOH, that looks "oh so" yummy! LOVE it!!! I love ketchup too. I put it on EVERYTHING. I get teased a lot because instead of adding shoyu to my rice, I add ketchup instead. LOL

  2. Really??? Wow!!! You really do you like ketchup, maybe more than me. hehehehe I'd rather put shoyu on my rice. I think you might like a Japanese omelet then because they use ketchup in the rice and on top. hehehe


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