Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hotel Kinki - Osaka, Japan

Well, what can I say?  I thought I could return home from Osaka the day I arrived, but it never happened.  I got stranded and ended up in a red light district, sleeping at Hotel Kinki.

J and I were walking around aimlessly, navigating the streets of Osaka, looking for Takoyaki and dessert.

As we were walking, things started to look a lot different.  All of a sudden, there were girls holding signs like "Girl bar honey 500 Yen."  There were girls in maid outfits and some REALLY scary looking men!

As we walked by the area, we found Hotel Kinki.  We were hesitant to stay because the area seemed really odd, but after inquiring about prices, Hotel Kinki offered the best rates.  It was getting dark outside, so J and I decided to take a chance.

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The good news is that Hotel Kinki turned out to be a GREAT, budget hotel.  In fact, I later discovered that it won an award for being one of the best budget hotels in 2012.  There were a lot of your typical tourists there, visiting Osaka and taking advantage of the cheap hotel rates at the hotel. (I learned there are even cheaper hotels, but this one was a good find).

It was clean, quiet, and hotel staff were also incredibly friendly and helpful! There's free WiFi and a computer in the lobby.

Yes, it may be an odd area and it's not easy to find.  The toilet area is also tiny.  However, it is a deal ...

There are tons of shops and restaurants in the area for you to enjoy until late too.

I would definitely recommend Hotel Kinki.

By the way, Kinki is a region in Japan!

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