Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nagoya Castle - Nagoya, Japan

I should be writing papers this weekend, but I sacrificed some time to go on a field trip to Nagoya Castle. 

It was cold and rainy outside, but worth the trip. 

I learned that Ieyasu Tokunaga was behind the construction of Nagoya Castle, ordering it to be built in 1612.  His son lived there and governed Owari, which is now Nagoya and the surrounding area.  However, during World War II, it was destroyed in a fire after being bombed by the United States.  As a result, it was rebuilt after the war in order for the castle to be restored to its "original" form. 

I don't recall learning any of this in history class, so I thought it was interesting to discover something new. 

It's an amazing looking castle, full of history and culture. 

Soon, when the cherry blossoms bloom, it will be even more beautiful!  I plan to return to the castle again to take some photos. 

If you visit Nagoya Castle, you may also see some deer roaming around below the bridge.  

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