Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daily Grocery Store Visits

Today, I stayed in all day, trying to finish one of my papers.  I have been so busy especially since moving here last week.

Fortunately, J and I had some time to go to the grocery store to grab some food.  

At the grocery store, everything is so tiny and cute.  

It's freezing outside, but shopping is always fun even if it's at the grocery store.

Thankfully, the food prices are not too bad here.  I've been averaging 1,300 yen which is great for a student budget.

Before coming to Japan, I was paranoid about the radiation.  Now that I'm here, I still wonder what I should or should not be eating.  Everyone says it is safe, but I still wonder.  I heard not to eat mushrooms, although they've been looking real good lately.

J says we shouldn't be drinking the tap water because of possible radiation, so we've been buying Evian.  But I don't know how much better it is to drink out of plastic water bottles either.  


  1. That's awesome $14 bucks a week for food....well, that's a bargain! I think I average about $25, maybe $35 a week.

    As far as radiation, that's a toughie. Good call on the water, J. I agree, better safe then sorry.


  2. It's about $14 a day hehehehe I wish it was for the week!


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