Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hep Five Ferris Wheel - Osaka, Japan

For anyone who knows me, i'm terrified of heights. When a friend insisted we go on the Hep Five Ferris wheel, I feared for my life.

She insisted we ride the Ferris wheel, which we spotted from a far.  Little did she know what was in store ...

I climbed into the moving Ferris wheel and sat, palms sweating and ready to pass out.  The higher we went, I started to feel dizzy and caged inside of the tiny compartment.  Crazy thoughts started to race in my mind, such as "what if there's an earthquake?"  I started to freak my friend out, as I tried to calmly breathe ...

I tried to look out the window and was impressed by the view.  In between breathing sessions, I could see Osaka like never before!

As soon as we reached the top, it was the most exciting, thrilling, and awe-inspiring ride.

Yes, it was slow and torturous heading up to the top, but it was also amazingly fun afterward.

For 500 Yen, you can ride the Hep Five Ferris wheel in Osaka at the Hankyu Entertainment Park.  The Ferris wheel is 160 meters high and is hard to miss.

I would recommend riding the Ferris wheel if you are in Osaka.  It's a great experience and something to remember about the city.

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