Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My New Place - Nagoya, Japan

After a two-day trip to the Big Island, it was time to begin my "new life."  On Monday, I flew to Japan to begin my next adventure abroad.  I wish I could have said goodbye to more people, but I had to quickly leave Hawaii in order to be here (long story).

It was a long flight.  I flew to Tokyo (8 hours), then on a domestic flight to Nagoya (1 hour), where I am currently living.

It is FREEZING in Japan!  I now regret not bringing enough cold weather clothing.  I should have learned my lesson from my last experience at Mauna Kea summit.

My first night in Japan, I had to take an ice cold shower and sleep in freezer-like conditions.  I am glad I survived. I now have heat (thank goodness!).

I love my new place.  It's very small, but cute.  I feel like I have to shower in a cube because I can reach the ceiling.  If I was any taller, I would hit the roof.  It's very interesting.

I also have a lovely view of the town from my balcony.

I am really enjoying Japan.  It's only my third day, but life is good.


  1. That's awesome! I can't wait to read more of your Japan adventure. I've always wanted to live in Japan for a semester, but I never know how to.

  2. Jen, you really should if you get a chance! Check out your school's study abroad program.


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