Friday, March 16, 2012

Okonomiyaki - Nagoya, Japan

There seems to be a ton of okonomiyaki restaurants in the area.  I recently went to one and was pleasantly surprised.

For those unfamiliar with okonomiyaki, it's basically a Japanese pancake filled with items such as seafood, vegetables, meat, etc.  I was never a big fan of okonomiyaki, but it seems so much more appealing to eat in Japan.   

In Hawaii, you order it and it comes out already made.  However, in Japan, you get to make your own okonomiyaki, which seems much more fun.

I am also learning that there are a lot of great "set" deals that include free refills on drinks.  The drinks are amazing! There's juice, soda, tea, and coffee available.  You'll have to try the melon soda.

I decided to order a soba-style yakisoba.  You fry the yakisoba noodles and add it into a soup base.  It was way too salty though, so I would recommend the yakisoba without soup or the okonomiyaki instead. For 880 Yen, I got a salad, noodles, and a drink.  Food is reasonable here.


  1. I love Okonomiyaki, especially when it comes with mayo. Isn't it neat how they make it? That's some real skills.

  2. Yes it's so neat!! It's so much fun to see it cooking right in front of you too.


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