Sunday, March 14, 2010

What to Wear to Indonesia?

I can't believe I may finally get an opportunity of a lifetime to study in Indonesia!  I filled out my paperwork and things are slowly coming along.  Now, I have to wait for final word, although my teacher says that I should already begin preparing. 

I'm very excited to visit Indonesia.  The only question is, "What should I wear!?"  I told myself I would stay away from the mall, but today I went shopping.  My excuse for shopping is that I'm getting prepared for school and needed to relax, but I should have stayed away.  Instead, I ended up buying two bags of clothes in anticipation of being a college student once again! I cannot wait for school to begin.  I'm so excited!

Of course, I know the clothes I bought today, I will not be able to wear in Indonesia, except for the purple pants I purchased ... Then again, I just read I also shouldn't wear "loud" clothing.  From what I read online, I should be wearing modest clothing, which means long pants and skirts and tops that cover my upper arms.  I also need to wear conservative colors.  Could someone please tell me if I can wear bright clothes at least?

I guess these will not do ... I definitely wouldn't risk it either.

I haven't been able to find many websites with information, but I did find one: What To Wear On Holiday
I will have to start searching for loose clothing that is modest.  It's not going to be easy with summer approaching, but I should be able to find something in the next couple of months that is suitable. If not, I will suffocate in pants and long sleeve shirts until I am able to shop there.

How's this for conservative?  I think something like this would be appropriate, although it is going to be HOT.  Is it too "loud" though?
I wish someone could also tell me what type of footwear is appropriate too.  I love wedge sandals and flat, open sandles.  Do I also have to cover up my feet?  I cannot find anything online about appropriate footwear in Indonesia. 

Are these acceptable or totally inappropriate?  These are one of my favorite ...I would love to bring them, although they make me nearly 6 feet tall.

If any of you out there have been to Indonesia or live there now, any advice would be appreciated! 


  1. It is a Islam country after all so there might be more dress code for ladies there though.

  2. Oh my god too bad I didn't read this earlier, if it's a big city that a lot of tourist went, i's acceptable to wear, even tank top and hotpants. But if you are going to college it's expected of you to look decent, skirts should be around the knee, long pants, and top with sleeve will be prefered. Or even summer dress with jacket, it's not that strict here, we're country with majority Muslim (Islam) but we're not Islam country. And bright colors are totally okay. Hope this will help anyone else who's wondering. :)


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