Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Top Favorite Waikiki Photos of the Day

I went to Waikiki again today with my friends who are also into photography.  My friend J started a photo club and taught me everything I know (i'm still learning).  Once in a while, we go on photowalks. I love photowalks.  The best part of all is that you can catch the most interesting or the funniest things on camera that you wouldn't notice if you had just been walking by.

I took a ton of photos of unsuspecting people with my telephoto lens, but it is all for fun & for practice.  And for those that I asked to take a photo of, thanks for your cooperation!

I took at least a hundred plus photos (actually, 296), so here are my favorites for the day.

The new generation of footwear (for real).  These shoes that range from about $80-90 I learned, help build the muscles within your legs in order to help naturally support your feet.

As we were walking, a man in a wheel chair needed help.  "My wheel chair broke and I need help.  Could you spare me some extra money for a taxi cab?"  He said he wasn't a bum, but was a regular man with special needs who needed to get home. Truth or Lie?  I'll never know.

Strike a pose. 

I started to notice a lot of men in speedos as I walked alongside the beach.  There were also a bunch of men hanging out with each other too.  I instantly realized, I was at the gay beach when I noticed men holding each other, cuddling on the sand.  Nothing wrong with that... People should have the right to love who they want, but I sure was surprised. 

A bum, walking down Waikiki Beach, holding a boombox up to his ear ...   These guys sure do know how to collect stuff. 

This would be my favorite moment of the day!  As I walked by, I noticed a man covered in unbelievable amounts of soap, really getting into the moment.  I thought he could be on an herbal essence men's commercial. There was a lady behind him, trying to add water into her can.  She saw me take his photo and laughed.  I smiled back.

I instantly noticed this man and his tatoos.  "Excuse me sir, can I please take your photo?" I asked.  I'm happy to say that he agreed.

It's like he's coming at me!  If only his eyes weren't closed.

I love this kids hair!  I wish he could give me some ...

A man stretching behind a banyan tree ...

If you can't find your keys and you were at Kapiolani Park, please look on one of the trees...


  1. Dude, I saw the picture of the Vibrams from your random post link and I had to click it. I thought you ran in them but guess it was just a picture of an unsuspecting person.

    I run in Vibrams and I swear by them. They're awesome. Better balance, and you really really work on your running form plus you build your calf muscles. And you feel the earth beneath you. It's beautiful :)

    You should check it out! Glad to see that there are people in Hawaii with them!

  2. Yep, that is the same man who just scammed me (it is over a year after your experience, now July 2011) into cab fare home with the same broken wheel off his wheelchair. My husband thought his story about it falling down the drain seemed fishy, since it wouldn't fit in any of the drains we see in Waikiki and we do live here. Actually, I'm just glad to know it is a scam because I didn't have the entire $20 he needed and was worrying about him getting the rest and getting home.I feel kind of stupid though!


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