Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Biggest Mall in Hawaii - Ala Moana Shopping Center

Yesterday, I went back to the mall.  Spring is practically here and it's my favorite time to shop, so I couldn't resist.

Instead of shopping at Pearl Ridge like last weekend, I decided to check out Ala Moana Shopping Center (Hawaii's biggest mall).  Suppossedly, it's one of the biggest outdoor malls in the US too.

Ala Moana Shopping Center is more for tourists in my opinion since most local people I know feel the prices are too steep there.  There's a lot of designer and high fashion clothing stores especially for the Japanese tourists who spend thousands to bring back designer labels that can't be found for the same price at home.    But at the same time, while many may classify Ala Moana as being too high cost, the mall does have more variety than anywhere else and great deals depending on where you shop.

I actually didn't end up buying anything at Ala Moana this time around, except for at Macys because there was a sale and there were things I needed!

I do love the shoe stores at Ala Moana and no one can complain that there's now a Victoria's Secret, which we did not have here in the islands until recently.  I also love Loccitane and can't resist some of the other stores Ala Moana has either.  Not to mention all the places to eat at ... However, I chose to skip these places for good reason.

My hunger hit me all of a sudden, so before I left the mall, I stopped at Sears and ate at Bale.  I just wanted something quick, so I picked up lemon grass chicken.  I've been eating out way too often this week!

Ala Moana is within walking distance of Waikiki and it is my second favorite mall. I shopped there yesterday and will return again in the near future to check out the spring clothes soon.  Afterall, I need clothes for Indonesia ...


  1. It is so fun to read this post about the Ala Moana. I still remember that I spent hours wandering around in it after the conference cross the street when I was there last year.

  2. I bet you stayed at the Ala Moana Hotel then ... Yes, Ala Moana has so much stores and even more now. It's incredible. I found out it's the largest outside mall in the world.


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