Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Surf at Waikiki

Wow, as I was driving, I noticed some huge waves at Waikiki today! My friends and I walked alongside the beach and eventually went to the wall to capture photos of surfers.  No wonder I saw so many surfers walking around with their boards this afternoon. 

I had to be careful taking photos on the wall because of the splashing water.  It was incredible to see because normally, the waves are tiny in Waikiki.

Today, I saw people catching waves, including kids!  It's always amazing when little kids can surf.

There were more people than this ... This is just a small snapshot!

A little girl swimming towards the waves

Tourists watching the surfers

Father and son? They were waiting to jump in ... The man on the right, I observed him helping the young boy.  There was also an older couple trying to take photos of the surfers, but the man asked "Would you like a photo of the two of you?"  He offered to take a photo of the older couple who otherwise may not have had a photo together on the wall with diamond head in the background.  It was really sweet.

No diving, jumping, or climbing? yeah right ...

I love being in Waikiki with all the different people from the locals to the international tourists.  Everyday is a new and unique day full of events in Waikiki.

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  1. Great pictures! So much sunshine, blue sky and blue ocean! Make those of us who are still in gray frozen winter around midwest jealous! LOL.


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