Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kaka'ako Waterfront Park - Honolulu, Hawaii

There's so much I'm involved in and I couldn't imagine doing less in my life.  At the moment, I'm a part of a photo club my friend started and I love it.  It's so much fun and I get a lot of practice taking photos around the island.  Recently, we did a photo walk at Kakaako Waterfront Park. 

I couldn't believe this place used to be a landfill! 

If you look closely, you can see a metal object sticking out of the ground (to the left).  It's a vent, one of the only visible signs left as evidence that Kakaako Waterfront Park used to be a part of an old landfill ... 

A dog shaking water off his fur ... There are a lot of people who like to walk their dogs here! 

Possibly a homeless man drying his clothes??

I thought this was a  cool looking tree ...

These awesome shoes caugt my eye. 

It's hard to imagine that Kakaako Waterfront Park used to be an old landfill.  Nowadays, you will see people walking their pets or jogging.  There are families and friends picknicking in the park and a number of campers too.  (Yes, some of the campers are homeless but that's besides the point).  Kakaako Waterfront Park is also used as a backdrop for many wedding photographers, which I also did not know.  Suppossedly, there are some incredible sunsets at the park, which I'll have to check out sometime!

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