Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Better Place

The month of February has been rough.  Besides my dryer problems and a major water heater leak in my home among other things, nothing can compare to the tragic news I learned of last night.  Before going to bed, I looked at my phone and noticed a text message.  One of my best friend's from high school sent me a message that her sister had passed away.  I could not believe it.  It bothered me the entire night and all day today.  I called her as soon as I could.

At only 38 years old, I never expected her sister to have a stroke and pass away at such a young age.  It breaks my heart for her family.  Thankfully, they are coping quite well for such a tragic loss.  I know I will have a hard time at the funeral.  Funerals are always tough.  They never get easy for me.  Although I do learn a lot from each one because they allow you to reflect on your own life.

My fondest memories of her sister are the times spent in high school.  She taught us how to first dance.  I also remember when she took us cosmic bowling.  We had such a blast!  My funniest memory of her, however, is when she blasted the song "I like Big Butts" as we drove home that night.

I'm glad that she is in a much more peaceful place now and I only hope the best for the loved one's she has  left behind.  Mel, you will truly be missed.


  1. Hello! I'm sorry to hear about your friend's sister, deaths are always hard, especially when she was so young. I find that we always wish we could have spent more time with them, but I guess, like you, we should be remembering the good times too.

    Yes, I've heard mixed comments about Occupational Therapy! Mostly good though. I'm enjoying it a lot, and you're right, NZ is an amazing place to live in, but I can't wait to travel the world, too! :D


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