Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hawaii USO Tour - Lt. Dan Band & Gary Sinise

During the weekend, the Lt. Dan Band with actor Gary Sinise from the movie Forest Gump toured Hawaii for the troops out here. 

I remember actor Gary Sinise, a.k.a Lt. Dan from the movie Forest Gump, so it was weird to see him playing the guitar in a band. I never knew he was in a band first of all. There were some women yelling "I love you Gary!" It was pretty funny.

The band put on an incredible show.  They are true entertainers.  They can sing, dance, and engage an audience.  There was a conga line and people were really getting into the music, which I thought was awesome.  A band always need that type of support, don't you think?

There were so many people there from all different age groups there.  They played music from different genres.  Music can really move people.  It was funny to see how different age groups would identify with certain songs. I saw older people dancing to classic 60s songs, while the young people (kids) would dance to the new songs the older generation doesn't always relate to. 

There were a ton of people who came to the show, but they quickly disappeared as rain fell.  There was an intermission and the band quickly had to decide if they could continue to play or risk being electricuted.  Fortunately, as the rain slowed, the band came out again to play and they wanted to.  You can see the passion they have and how important it means for them to support the troops.  You could see how much it meant to the band that they still had somewhat of an audience even though it was still raining a bit.
I'm the kind of person who would stay rain or shine to watch a band.  It would be sad if no one stayed behind to watch, especially because they were playing for free and for a good cause. 

Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band

The wonderful Lt. Dan Band performers ...

It wasn't easy taking photos in the dark, let me tell you.  I'm glad I could at least capture a few.  I had a really good time at the event.  At the same time, in ways, it was emotional.  I think it's awesome that the Lt. Dan Band plays for the troops.  At times, they would remind the audience how the troops will not be forgotten and so much more.

I can see how huge of an impact USO tours such as the Lt. Dan Band can have on morale.  One of the band members was a Vietnam Veteran.  If you know anything about Vietnam, many of the troops were treated like dirt when they returned home.  Many were spit on, cursed at, and more.  Imagine the impact the Lt. Dan Band might have on people who went through it all.  I'm sure it may have brightened their day to hear someone thanking them for their service and for their sacrifces. And I know the support the Lt. Dan Band provides will continue to make a difference.

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