Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burgers on the Edge - Honolulu, Hawaii

I finally ate at Burgers on the Edge!

Located on Kapahulu Avenue, Burgers on the Edge lets you decide what you want on your burger.   It's easy to order from the menu and the result is really up to you.   I enjoyed Burgers on the Edge and I'd definitely return because you can make your own burger, which is always fun.  It's not as cheap as McDonalds, but their burgers are worth it.

Select the type of beef and additions you want to your burger by using the red grease pencil.  There's kobe and regular ground beef. It was my first time eating Wagyu (Kobe) beef and I totally noticed a difference.  It didn't taste like the ground beef I'm used to.  Basically, the meat didn't have the greasy, beefy burger taste we are all so used to.  That's the only way I can explain it. 

Then, there's the vegetable toppings to choose from. Instead of the traditional lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, there's so much more!  You can choose sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple, mushrooms, avocado, jalapeno peppers, and other listed items. You can select up to four.  I had the hardest time deciding.  It really did take me forever.

Then, there's the sauce ...another difficult selection item. There's so many sauces to choose from.  It's hard to make up one's mind.  Garlic aioli, wine, Thai chili, and a number of other sauces are available.  I had a hard time choosing for sure.

After dressing up your burger, order french fries or a drink to add to your meal.  Besides regular fries, there are shoestring and sweet potato fries.  There are also free drink refills, which is always nice.  I sure was thirsty that day.

When you are done, order at the counter.  If you decide to sit in and eat, your food will be brought to you.

The burgers look so good.  They are made well and they are also humongous!  They aren't your typical burgers for sure.  They are your own creation.

I ordered a burger with pineapple, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and lettuce with wine sauce.  And of course, a whole wheat bun.  I wouldn't recomend my burger.  It definitely wouldn't be a top seller.  That's for sure. I  could've did without the sun-dried tomatoes, which were quite tart.  I better leave those in pasta instead.   I love pineapple though and can eat it in almost anything. It's too good. 

I try to be healthy by eating whole wheat, but I secretly enjoy white bread more.  It's softer and tastes better.  I also tried the sweet potatoe fries.  They were different .I can't quite explain them.  I would choose the shoestring fries next time.

Another angle ...

There's outdoor and indoor seating.  Sorry, no restrooms are available!  You better have hand sanitizer or use the restroom in SafeWay.  I should give you a heads-up on that because digging into a humongous burger requires a lot of napkins and I'm sure you'll want to wash your hands. 

I enjoyed Burgers on the Edge. I would return.  It was fun being able to select the items I want and the burgers were of good quality.  It was a little more than your average burger, but it's great to have an awesome burger once in a while. 

If you haven't already, try Burgers on the Edge.  Let me know how your burger turns out.


  1. That place sounds exactly like "The Counter" in California. Check off what you want on your burger and everything ... extra money for select toppings ...

  2. Wow, must be the same place, but a different name. hehehehe Thanks for your comment Lorie. Appreciate it! =)

  3. I wish we have something like "A bite over web" so I could taste the burger. looks lovely...


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