Friday, January 1, 2010

New York City's Toys Are Us Madness

While at Times Square, we stopped at Toys Are Us, a kid's toy heaven.

In one word, I would describe New York City's Toys Are Us as "madness."  If I was a kid, I would have been all over the place, dragging my parents from one section of the store to another.  The New York City's Toys Are Us is incredible.  It's three stories full of toys and has other attractions too.

Walking towards Toys Are Us, I spotted a news crew! 

When I first entered Toys Are Us, I noticed a Ferris Wheel, of all things.  What kid wouldn't love to ride a Ferris Wheel?

There were three stories of toys in Toys Are Us and a whole crowd of people too.

Besides the Ferris Wheel, there were other attractions and interesting figures in Toys Are Us. For one, Super Man was hanging from the ceiling.  In this photo, he looks like a cartoon.

Another attraction, a moving dinosaur!  Everyone wanted a picture of this, so it was total madness in the area.  One girl commented, "someone shoot me" because the crowds were getting to her.  There sure were a lot of people! Even I started to get a little uncomfortable.

There were so many toys everywhere!

A popular fetaure for girls is the Barbie House.  It's an incredibly big doll house with tons of barbies.  If I was a kid, I know I'd be here for sure.

New York City's Toys Are Us has all the toys a kid would want and more.  It's extremely busy inside, but it's definitely worth stopping in to check out, especially if you have kids.  I hope you don't get stuck inside because your kids may not want to leave!

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