Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Rocky Steps and Mesmerizing Art at the Philadelphia Musuem of Art

I've always wanted to visit the Philadelphia Musuem of Art and I finally got my chance.  It was freezing outside, somewhere in the 20s, as we walked in cold, windy weather up to the amazingly beautiful museum.  It was a painful walk, but totally worth it. 

Annually, nearly 1 million people visit the Philadelphia Musuem of Art, making it one of the city's most popular attractions.  Many also choose to take their wedding photos at the musuem and I can see why!

For those of you wondering why people are constantly running up the stairs, raising their hands in the air once they reach the top, it's because it's the same stairs Rocky Balboa ran up in the movie "Rocky."  I saw countless runners conquering the stairs including running teams. 

Vendors selling Rocky T-shirts in the cold, as tourists wait their turn in line to take a photo with the Rocky statue.

Tourists taking a photo in front of the Rocky statue. 

The incredible view from the museum at the top of the "Rocky steps."

The first thing you see when you enter the musuem ... No flash photography is allowed and bulky bags must be stored in a locker.

Enjoy the art!  It's incredible inside... There's medieval armory, European and Asian art, and more for you to see. 

The Philadelphia Musuem of Art is one of the largest musuems in the United States, so if you love art, it's the place to be.  It's breathe-taking inside!

Outside, you can always run up the Rocky steps for fun, just to say that you did!  People get really silly outside.  It's pretty funny to watch all sorts of people (all sorts) run up the stairs in laughter.  It's a great musuem.

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