Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visiting the Home of the First American Flag Maker, Betsy Ross

Although Washington D.C. was a blast, it was time to hit the road again for Pennyslvania!

If you love history, Pennsylvania is no doubt, the place to be.  In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you can walk the streets Benjamin Franklin once walked, take a photo with the historic liberty bell, and even visit the home of Betsy Ross, the first American flag maker.  There's so much to see in Philadelphia!  You'll absolutely love it.

We walked through the historic neighborhood to find Betsy Ross's home, a must see!

Of all places, one of my most memorable visits to Philadelphia was visiting Betsy Ross's home, especially because I love history.  Coincidentally, we also happened to vist her home on her birthday.

You'll be able to identify Betsy Ross's home by all of the American flags.  And of course, by the marker that identifies her home.

I had no idea her grave was in the front yard!  Yikes.  I didn't take a photo, but if you visit her home, it's hidden to the left.  Suppossedly, they moved her grave three times, finally leaving it here.  My husband insists that her home was featured on "Ghost Hunters," because suppossedly her room is haunted.  I'm glad I found this bit of news out after visiting, especially because we also passed her house at night and it was a bit creepy.

At first, I I thought we walked in on some kid's birthday party!  There was awesome looking chocolate cake being offered and balloons everywhere too.  I wish I grabbed a piece of cake.  It looked REALLY good. I almost couldn't resist.

Actors posing as Charles Weisgerber and Betsy Ross

My sister-in-law kindly taking a photo with Mr. Weisgerber, one of the first founding members of the Memorial Association.


Before you enter her home, you'll get a hand-held device you can listen to ... No photos are allowed inside.

Let me tell you, Betsy Ross's home is fascinating and a definite must see!  The hallways are narrow, but in my opinion, she had a pretty big house.  It's bigger than my home at least!

I learned so much history visiting Betsy Ross's home.  It felt incredible to visit such a historical place.  I absolutely loved it and I know you will too! 


  1. yeah, it really was cool there! If you ever visit Philadelphia, you'll have to visit Betsy Ross's house.


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