Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Bye NYC, Hello Washington D.C

New York City is incredible.  It's one of my favorite cities.  I love the energy of the city and will definitely have to return to experience more of everything New York City has to offer.  But with every trip, there must come an end, if not only temporarily.  My next destination?  Washington D.C!

After leaving New York City, we hit the road again for our nation's capitol.  Good bye NYC!

Luckily, there are rest stops along the way with decent food, a necessity for any long road trip.  However, Roy Rogers isn't one of the best food establishments (at least in my opinion).  I'll definitely have to give Roy Rogers another try.  I have to be fair.  It's not easy to eat healthy on the road.  I had a salad at Roy Rogers.  It was edible.  I was hungry. 

"Eww, your salad's disgusting. What's on it?" my husband commented.  Personally, I loved my salad far better than the chicken I fed to my husband as we drove along the highway.  I think he nearly bit into 3 or 4 bones that happened to be hiding in the meat.  The grease from the skin soaked our bag.  (I can secretly admit, the skin was pretty good but disgustingly greasy.)

"Did you know Roy Roger's chicken is only at rest stops? I've only seen Roy Rogers while driving on the highway" my husband observed.

If my husband is correct, I totally understand why Roy Rogers is only found on the highway.  No offense to those of you who love Roy Rogers. 

Fortunately, rest stops have Cinnabon, Starbucks, among other popular franchises as well. But give Roy Rogers a try.  Being from Hawaii, I'm glad I at least tried the food!  It's food I might only find while driving on a highway.

After driving  for several hours, after resting in Pennyslvania, we finally made it to Washington D.C.

It can be confusing to drive to Washington D.C. (once you get to the beltway).  It's easy to get lost.  I would highly recommend a GPS system. 

Washington D.C. is stunning, but the surrounding area is run down.  However, I was able to capture these homes on our drive through the area.  Although a bit run down, I'm intrigued by the homes and love the unique look of each.

After finally reaching our destination, I was happy as can be.  Washington D.C. is amazing, once you enter the capitol.  It's a place I absolutely love.  The building are beautiful and there's so much to see.  I can only imagine what the area must look like when the cherry blossoms bloom.  For a history lover like me, I could hang out in the museums all day too.

Hello Washington D.C.! 


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