Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Sweetest Place on Earth" - Hershey, PA

While Philadelphia may be nice, there's nothing like the countryside.  I love a lot of places, but Hershey is one of those towns I would love to live in.  I felt like I was in "The Truman Show" the first time I visited Hershey because it felt so peaceful and perfect there. 

I absolutely love main street too.  There are hershey kiss street lights and you can smell chocolate in the air!

A snapshot of Hershey Park from a hil

Too beautiful

Hershey Kiss street lights!

Who wouldn't want to live in such an amazing house?

Chocolate Avenue

From what I hear, a lot of famous people stay at the Hershey Hotel.  I wonder how much a night costs because it looked amazing from the outside.

The one thing I love about Hershey is that the founder had suh a good heart.  Milton Hershey created a place for orphans and for those in single-parent homes under difficult circumstances.  There's a tear jerking documentary about the children who have been given an opportunity for a better life here. 

Hershey is an incredible place to live.  My husband is sooo lucky he had the chance to live here.   It's the perfect little town to enjoy life in simplicity.

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  1. Sounds like an interested cholocate town to visit for sure. Nice pictures you took!


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