Monday, January 4, 2010

Thai Son Restaurant, NYC

We arrived in New York, ready for a great meal!  We decided to eat in China Town at a restaurant recommended by locals (actually my husband's nephew Jeffrey).

There were a number of interesting restaurants I saw as we drove by, including a Malaysian restaurant I hope to one day eat at.  However, we decided Thai Son would be the best option since it's REALLY good and reasonably priced.

Thai Son is an incredibly busy restaurant.  I asked one of the waiters if it was always busy and he replied, "yes, always."  It was a full house in the restaurant.  It took almost 10 minutes to get seated, but it was worth the wait.

There were pages full of options, which I found incredible!  There were items i've never heard about either, so I knew I had to try something other than the usual.

The deserts in the window were interesting.  If I wasn't so full, I would've tried one.

Vietnamese iced coffee is always a favorite.  If you haven't tried Vietnamese coffee yet, it's a must.

The spring rolls were much different than the ones made in Hawaii.  They used a different type of rice paper.  A lighter, yet tougher type I can't quite explain.  I like the one's in Hawaii better (maybe I'm biased), but it was good to try spring rolls in NYC at least.

My husband ordered a crepe which he really enjoyed... It tasted like thin rice paper with bits of pork and shrimp, among other things.  I don't know how to explain it in a much more appetizing way, but that's how he described it!  If you are into crepes, you may enjoy this.

Jeffrey ordered a beef dish with onions.  I tried it and it was actually really, really good.  It reminded me of kalbi.

I ordered a vegetable seafood soup with rice.  My sister-in-law had made this type of soup at home, so I started having cravings for it and decided I would try it at Thai Son.  The one in NYC had a tangy taste with salmon, pineapple, and other vegetables.  It was good to try.

Pho, beef noodle soup, is always a classic.  If you are a picky eater, I'd recommend this as a beginner's meal to Vietnamese food.  You can't go wrong with pho.

Thai Son is a popular restaurant in NYC's China Town, especially if you want something hearty, yet reasonably priced.  For 5 of us, it was only $58.00.  I'd call that a deal. 

If you want to eat at a less crowded place though, good luck searching for one! There are people everywhere in New York City.

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