Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bronx, NYC

Since family lives in the Bronx, it was our first destination in NYC.  I've been there several times before and I'm always intrigued by the diversity of the area.  It seems like everyone from everywhere lives in NYC.  I love it.

There are safe areas in the Bronx and not so safe areas, so it's best to be aware.

The first time I went to the Bronx, I was slightly uncomfortable.  After watching a movie in the area, we stood outside the movie theater waiting for our ride.  As we were waiting,  a young girl came up with a bat and started breaking a taxi cab's windows inches away from us.  The weirdest part of the incident is that the taxi driver didn't look alarmed whatsoever (although I was freaking out inside).  The young girl, after breaking his windshield, fled the scene immediately. 

The same day, I saw a hit and run in the Bronx.  Now, I understand that hit and run incidents occur all the time throughout NYC.  In fact, it's best you not drive a nice car in NYC.  You have to be an aggressive driver if you plan to take your car out to NYC.  People don't always drive in their lanes (really) and will start honking their horn before the light turns green out of impatience, while small fender benders mean nothing it seems. 

When you first enter the Bronx ...

The pizza here is good and the people are friendly too. 

Jay walkers ... If it wasn't for the ambulance, they probably would've been in the middle of the road by now in moving traffic.  There are some serious jay walkers in NYC.  I've never seen anything like it.

The kabobs in the Bronx are awesome.

Most apartments look like this, I noticed.  The funny thing is that the projects look nice too (from the outside at least). 

There's great places to shop at Fordham road.  A lot of deals ...

I thought this was the most interesting thing ever ... A mechanic/barber shop?

Of course, I noticed one of the most beautiful churches ever in the Bronx while we were driving. 

I hope you enjoyed the images from the Bronx.  I wish I could've seen more of the area!

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