Friday, July 31, 2009

Texas, Here I Come!

I'm finally here in Texas! I came here once before and enjoyed it a lot! Now, i'm back again and I'm still loving it. I just hope I can meet some great people soon!

I started school today and on my way, I saw a beautiful sunrise on the bus this morning. The sun was amazingly large (almost unreal) and fiery red in color. I totally need to capture it on my camera! I've never seen anything like it.

It's also incredibly hot here. I arrived here yesterday and I feel like passing out at least once a day. LOL In fact, yesterday I walked from my room to the store and it was so hot that I had to stay inside of the store for an hour, while I sipped strawberry lemonade. I had only been walking for about 10 - 15 minutes too, but the heat sure can knock you out.

On my way back from school, I also walked since the bus was taking forever. My clothes were drenched. It was gross! Next week, it'll be 100 plus degrees! I guess i'll finally get a chance to experience that type of heat! Suppossedly, one of the students died from drinking too much water because of the heat. At the same time, people pass out from not drinking enough!

I'm also completely addicted to sweet tea! It's one of the greatest drinks ever. It's better than a soda in my eyes. Today, I bought a Red Diamond Sweet Tea at the convenient store. I should probably stay away from it since its loaded with sugar, but it's soooo good.

I've also seen a billion rabbits around and crickets! I'm waiting to see humongous Texas roaches too. As long as I don't see any snakes, I'll be happy.

Well, I'll be here for the next couple of weeks, so I hope to capture whatever I can on my camera! It's finally the weekend, so I'm ready to see what's out there!

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