Monday, July 20, 2009

Diamond Head Crater - Hawaii

I love hiking and there's nothing better than a great view!

On Sunday, my friend and I hiked Diamond head. It's a short hike up the crater. It takes approximately 2 hours to go up and down the crater. The hike is definitely worth every step once you see the view!

It costs $5.00 for a vehicle to enter and only a $1 for walk-in hikers.

The begining of the hike is easy. It's on a paved, concrete path. Remember to use the restroom prior to hiking the trail because it's the only restroom at the park!

The hike slowly begins to get a little rocky as you walk...

Watch out for falling rocks!

Can you see the trail with all the people? It's the same trail the military once used.

The stairs were a tough climb! They can be quite steep. For those fearful of heights, you might not want to look back.

It can be dark in the tunnel, but lighting is available.

It can get quite tight in the spiral stair case!

Once you climb out, you'll see a spectacular view!

It's an awesome feeling to finally reach the top.

Before leaving the park, pick up a drink, fresh pineapple, shave ice, or other food items. You will definitely need to hydrate.

Diamond Head is a great place to hike, especially for beginners! It's fun, low-cost, and you'll leave with incredible images of the island.

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