Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ala Moana Beach Park - Solar Eclipse

At Ala Moana Beach Park yesterday, I had the chance to witness a partial solar eclipse! It was so awesome!

My friend and I went to the beach to go on a photo walk, which turned into much more! From a distance, I noticed a group of people setting up cameras and telescopes. It finally hit me when I realized that there would be a solar eclipse somewhere between 5-6 p.m. I couldn't wait!

Several UH Astronomy students set up telescopes and provided filtered glass to view the solar eclipse safely. One of the graduate students had a simulation of the eclipse on the computer too. It was pretty cool!

The sun sure was bright!

The UH Astronomy department provided filtered glass for on-lookers to use to keep one's eyes protected.

When looking through the filtered glass, I could see a green dot. I tried to capture the image on my camera, but it sure wasn't easy! The lower left is where we had to look to see the partial eclipse.

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