Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Texas Dorm

While studying in Texas, I'll be staying in a dorm, but I really like the place I'm staying at. There's air conditioning, a fridge, and other amenities. It reminds me of a hotel.

I'm happy to say that I met a friend, my next door neighbor. It's funny how wet met. I had walked home in the blaring sun and felt completely disoriented by the time I arrived home. I wanted to meet my neighbor before settling into my room, as she is female who I have to share a bathroom with. I knocked on her door. All of a sudden, a guy comes out of nowhere and says "Are you the one who lives next door?" while trying to open the room I thought was mine. At that moment, I had to pause and think for a moment when I realized, I had been knocking on my own door! I thought his room was mine and that the door I had been knocking on was my neighbors. Totally embarrassing! I laugh at it now, but it sure was embarrassing. I still haven't met my other neighbor, the female I share a bathroom with.

Today, while I was heading out to the mall, he asked to tag along. We went to the mall and also watched "The Ugly Truth." It was great.

Well, here's my room for the next 6 weeks:

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  1. Nice place you got there. Do you get Turn Down Service too?


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