Saturday, July 4, 2009

Million Restaurant, Hawaii

I always wanted to try Million Restaurant and last night, I finally had the chance! Million Restaurant is a small Korean restaurant located on 626 Sheridan Street near Wal Mart and Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Million Restaurant is a great place if you are craving Korean food and they are open late! Besides regular Korean dishes, Yakiniku is also available. You can grill your own meat!

Before your meal arrives, you'll get several mini side dishes, such as Kimchee, noodles, spicy rice cakes, and a couple more to snack on.

My friend thought this was Vienna sausage and I thought it was cheese. After asking the server, we were told it was spicy rice cakes. It was pretty good.

I ordered Spicy soft tofu soup, which also had pieces of beef in it and some clams. It was REALLY good. I definitely needed soup and this hit the spot! It wasn't too spicy, but just right.

My friend ordered the mixed rice and seemed to enjoy it. It came out sizzling hot. It looked really good when he was eating it! =)

And finally ... a dish some people may enjoy and others may not: intestines. My husband is trying to compete for a role in Bizzarre Foods. I am sure of it. There's nothing wrong with intestines, but it definitely is a much more uncommon dish. I've never had it and I'm afraid to eat it, but he seemed to like it a lot. If you like intestines (aka motsu), then you'll probably enjoy this dish a lot. It's spicy and has some vegetables in it too.

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