Sunday, May 2, 2010

Regal Diner - McCully, Hawaii

At McCully Shopping Center, there are a lot of food options, so deciding on where you want to eat can be difficult.  I decided, I would try Regal Diner because I wanted a cheap eat and to experience a new restaurant.

My goal is to avoid eating at the same restaurant twice, unless I feel a deep need to go back.  Since then, I've had an opportunity to eat at many restaurants and I've been enjoying each very much.

At Regal Diner, there are a number of local food options, but there are also many Chinese and Korean menu items too.  I've never seen steamed eggs in oyster sauce before. The food is also very reasonable and won't cost you too much, as the average for a plate lunch is only $7-8 dollars.

Don't you just love the colorful menu?

Tapioca anyone? I opted for a Pina Colada smoothie instead.

You can eat outside or inside.  It's not really a "diner," but seems to be more of a pick-up & take-out food place,although there are seats inside of the "diner."

I noticed a lot of local people eating here.

My pina colada smoothie

Don't ask me why, but I had a craving for meat loaf.  It used to be my least favorite meal growing up, so I have no idea why all of a sudden, I feel like eating meat loaf.  It's very unlike me. For a person who used to dread eating meat loaf, I have no idea what is going on lately.  It's my second time eating meat loaf.

The meatloaf was good, I admit.  I enjoyed it.  I wish I had kechup at the time, but the gravy was wonderful.  I was also able to split my meal into two, so I had lunch the next day.

Why didn't I order this though?  I should have.  The kalbi (Korean marinated beef) was excellent! 

At Regal Diner, the food is good and it's cheap!  For my future life as a student, I might be eating here more often.

After stuffing myself silly, I decided to go next door (several doors next door) and order a tea.  I honestly could not decide what I wanted.  There were so many types of drinks and all seemed very different from what I'm used to (lychee tea anyone?).  In the end, I ordered a honey tea. It was different.  Very different.  But somehow, I enjoyed it, especially with the bubbles inside.

If you haven't visited McCully Shopping Center yet, you should.  There are so many restaurants there, all of which I hope to one day try.  I'm almost done trying every restaurant there too.  It's fun exploring.


  1. You are KILLING me with these photos! Kalbi is my favorite, and this is something my family would looove. I'm holding you responsible for all of my new cravings... before 10 am.

  2. Funny thing--my cousin is in town and I was thinking of taking her to Phuket Thai in McCully Shopping Center tomorrow. I've been there once before, and they had this one really good beef curry (Massaman, I think)--not only was the flavoring good, but they used a very nice cut of beef. There's also Fook Yuen, a favorite of my grandparents (and mine) for the Chinese buffet. All-you-can-eat roast duck (my favorite) and tapioca pudding. Mmm.

    I live relatively close to the McCully shopping center, so I should follow your lead and try some of the other restaurants there.

  3. You should definitely take her to Phuket Thai! It is one awesome restaurant and the best one is at McCully. OMG, I know what you mean about Fook Yuen! It is another awesome restaurant too! Just went there for the first time recently.

  4. Robin, if you like Kalbi, I'll have to show you the secret to making it. It's all in the sauce! =)


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