Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Islands Restaurant

I've been rather busy lately, so I haven't had much time to explore different areas to share with you all (until this weekend, that is). However, I did have a chance to eat at yet, another restaurant.

The other night, I went to dinner at "Islands" at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  I've passed Islands and always wondered what type of food they served.  At Islands, I discovered they have some unique burgers!  They also serve tacos and have several salads for you to enjoy.

If you are shopping at Ala Moana Shopping Center and crave burgers, why not stop by?

It definitely looked unique inside of the restaurant.  I guess they were aiming for the island atmosphere, although in some ways it reminded me of a jungle.

The Kaanapali Cobb Salad

I ordered the full salad, but it was too much to eat alone.  It's definitely a salad to share.  It has a mix of things inside, including avocado, blue cheese, and eggs.   They also have healthier options for those of you who are health concious.

The Kilauea Burger

The burgers at Islands are REALLY good.  The Kilauea burger has pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and fried onions on top.  Delicious.  I would've chose the burger over the salad if I had a choice though.

There's also endless fries with your burger and if you order the endless chips and salsa, you can eat to your heart's content.  I ate far too many chips than I would like to admit.

I wish I could share more of the food here, but I didn't order too much since it was getting late and I have a bad habit of stuffing myself silly right before bed.

I never actually planned to eat here either, but ended up trying Islands for a party.  I'm glad to have tried another new restaurant, but in my future posts, I will be on the hunt for some of Hawaii's hole in the wall restaurants too. 


  1. That looks like an excellent burger! You ever tried Red Robins? I love the Southwest Burger... I just can't get it here in Hawaii... =(

  2. Oh, how I wish that I knew your blog before I went to Honolulu one year ago! I could have so many different food choices!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I have never eaten at Red Robins, but the Southwest Burger already sounds great! hehehe

  4. Next time you visit Hawaii John, I can give you advice on all the great restaurants! =)


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