Monday, May 17, 2010

Ken's House of Pancakes - Hilo, Hawaii

In the morning, I ate a bowl of cocoa krispies (my favorite), but it wasn't enough to hold me off for the rest of the day.  My friends were also starving and by 0900, we were ready to grab a bite to eat for breakfast. We stopped at Ken's House of Pancakes in Hilo and enjoyed a great meal before heading out.

While we were at Ken's, I was surprised by the amount of items available on their menu.  It didn't take us long to get our food either and by the time we were finished, we had more than enough to eat.  The portions are HUGE!

The hot chocolate at Ken's is REALLY good.  Believe me.

I ordered the Mauna Loa.  I wouldn't recommend it unless you need to eat healthy for dietary reasons. I wanted to try it because it sounded guilt-free, but it wasn't the best meal.  I did get a chance to try faux bacon at least, which was suprisingly better than I imagined.  I needed a lot of ketchup with my meal though because it was quite bland.  If you don't have to eat healthy, enjoy something else on the menu.  Really. You'll be much more satisfied. 

I was so full, I couldn't eat my pancakes!  I'm glad my friend ate it because if not, I would've had to carry it around all day.  Next time, I'll have to try their pancakes though because suppossedly, they are really good!  The cool thing abou Ken's is that they also offer whole wheat pancakes too.

Eggs Benedict

Every now and then, I could hear a bell ring and wait staff cheer "SUMO!" The sumo is a large loco moco and whenever the chef's are done preparing it, you'll know because it's announced.  When my friend ordered his sumo, we knew immediately when his was done being prepared.  

There was a lot of rice in the bottom of the bowl.  Then, it was topped with two hamburgers and three eggs, covered in loads of gravy.  It was the biggest loco moco i've seen!

It seems like Ken's is the place to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Business is booming there and it's at a great location near the airport. There's also a lot of items to choose from on the menu.  I will have to give Ken's another try in the future though.  I didn't order the best meal because I was trying to be healthy again, so I missed out on trying their more popular items.  But next time, I'll make it a point to try their pancakes or anything else other than the Mauna Loa.

I can say that the service is great at Ken's though and I would return to try their other food items.  


  1. That "sumo" dish is huge! It looks that it is enough for 2 or 3 people!

  2. wow that hot chocolate looks so good! with that cream on top... yum. You brought cocoa crispies with you?

  3. Johh, yes, it was humongous! LOL I don't know how my friend ate the SUMO and my pancakes. hehehehe

    Kyle, it was really good. LOL I love cocoa and it was one of the best ever. Oh, the cocoa krispies I ate at home before I left for Hilo. hehehehe

  4. Holy deliciousness!!! Rice with eggs benedict sounds like my kind of meal.. seriously rice goes with anything :)

  5. LOL Rice does go with a lot of things for sure. hehehe


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