Saturday, May 22, 2010

Low International Food - Hilo, Hawaii

Low International Food, located at 222 Kilauea Avenue in Hilo, is well-known for their delicious bread. One of the most popular, the rainbow bread, is a top selling item customers continually purchase. The bread they sell at Low International Food is extremely soft and moist. If you love Hawaiian sweet bread, you'll enjoy the bread at Low International Food. There are also other breads you can purchase too, such as coconut, mango, cinnamon, and sweet bread.  In fact, there are much more than I can name and far too many to list...  Select one of your choice!

The best part about Low Interantional Food is that the bread is affordable.  It's a great buy for gifts to take back home!  If you buy four, they will put it into a box that can be easily shipped to the mainland and overseas. It's also a convenient box because it has a handle, making it easy to transport throughout your travels. I would recommend you pay for the bread in cash because the cost will be much lower compared to if you use a credit card.  There's something about Hilo ... They seem to love cash only! 

I can tell you that because I bought 4 breads, I got a discount!  What a nice surprise ...

For those of you who read my "Two Ladies Kitchen" post, Low Interanational Food is only across the street from the mochi shop I mentioned earlier.  It's not hard to find at all!  

I enjoyed the bread a lot.  I bought mango, cinnamon, coconut, and sweet bread to take home for friends and family.  My friends and I also picked up another box for our co-workers. 

Look at all of the choices!  They even sell cookies and other food items.

We all had far too much to carry upon returning home ... I couldn't resist all the wonderful and unique things available in Hilo, a place I really love. The Big Island is one of my favorite places to visit because of towns like Hilo ...

If you need affordable gifts that are easily transportable, visit Low International Food! You'll love the bread.


  1. wow were the breads 'ono? coconut sounds really good.

  2. Wow! All those nice baking goodies!

  3. Yes, you guys should stop here if you like soft & sweet bread! It's the perfect gift for friends and family too. =)


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