Friday, November 6, 2009

The Waikiki Zoo - An African Safari!

One of the areas of the zoo featurues an "African Safari."  I really enjoyed this part of the zoo because I had a chance to see animals I've never seen before, such as a African Wild Dog and a Wart Hog.  I even had to see a Rhino!

A Wart Hog - I've only heard of these!

A Rhino!  It was HUGE.  It was cute to see a bird hanging out on this Rhino's back.

I love giraffes! 

The Zebras were beautiful too.

I never realized how huge these creatures were ... I definitely wouldn't want one to run after me.

An African Wild Dog

I almost couldn't spot this animal until I looked closely ... very adorable!

There were peacocks scattered throughout the area.  Gorgeous for sure!  If only it spread its wings!

The "African Safari" portion of the zoo was a lot of fun.  I had a chance to see a lot of amazing animals, some I've only heard about on T.V. 

There's still more to come on the zoo!  For a small zoo, I sure did see a lot.

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