Monday, November 2, 2009

Castle Ocean Resort on Oahu, HI - a Sweet Deal!

We spent our time at Castle Ocean Resort Hotel in Waikiki for the weekend and got a sweet deal! 

Normally, it costs $158 for a room with a kitchinette.  Since it's fall, all the deals are finally here.  We booked the room at half price.  For one night, it cost $79.  It was the second to lowest deal I found.

I'm not a high maintenance person, so staying at the Castle Ocean Resort in my eyes, is considered a GREAT deal.  I don't need a lot of fancy things to be happy since a room should be for sleeping, not hanging out in when you are on vacation!  However, for those of you who must stay at a luxury resort, this hotel isn't for you.

The service at the hotel was great!  The staff were friendly, as well as the maids.  The hotel itself is in good shape, but slightly run down.  The parking situation isn't the best either. It costs $15.00 to park, if you can get a spot. If not, you may have to find parking elsewhere, including the metered parking across the street if you are in desperate need of a stall.

The view from our room was nice.  We were on the 12 floor and there was a partial ocean view.

I thought the kitchenette would be much larger, but it was tiny.  It's useful for those who plan to bring back food to the hotel or to save money by picking up a few food items since you can store fruit, snacks, water, and more in the kitchen for a quick bite to eat. 

The bathroom was also tiny, but it was clean.  Here's a pic of the bathtub & shower.  I'd suggest bringing your own towel though.  I saw a couple brown spots on one of the towels (ewww). 

If you book a room with a kitchenette, you can choose a room with a king size bed or two double beds.  The room itself is quite spacious and there's even a table inside with chairs.

I would recommend this hotel for those who are on a budget and do not require a ton of luxury.  The hotel is in a great location.  It's minutes away from Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Beach, and the Waikiki Zoo.  It's also right next to an ABC store!

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