Monday, November 23, 2009

Incredible Mountain View from H-3 Hawaii

One of my favorite drives is on the H3. There was a time when I was freaked out to drive on the H3 after the highway appeared on the show Sightings as being cursed since it was over a ancient Hawaiian burial ground.

I remember one incident in particular, where the bridge collapsed as it was being contrusted. There were several workers who complained of eery events too, such as equipment turning on by itself.

While I was a little hesitant to first drive on the H-3, it is an incredible drive through the mountains!

There's a hiking trail here called the "Stairway to Heaven."  As you can see, it's quite steep!

The mountains here are incredibly beautiful!  A picture definitely cannot describe the breathtaking view one can see while driving on the H3.  When you drive out of the tunnel and look back, the mountains are incredible.

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