Saturday, November 28, 2009

Volunteering on Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, I volunteer for an organization that helps provide meals for the elderly.  I could not imagine sleeping in on Thanksgiving because I feel that it's important to volunteer for a good cause.  I recently learned that my elderly neighbor is a recipient of the meals, so it means that much more to volunteer my time.

Last year, I was assigned to the parking lot, which is definitely not my forte.  However, it was a good experience and a lot of fun to see the hundreds of bikers who help out every year!  Somewhere, on someone's camera is a picture of me with a bunch of bikers.  I wish I could have that photo! 

For this Thanksgiving, however, I was able to land a spot on the tray line. I'm grateful that I could work in the trayline, scooping up green beans!  It's definitely a lot of fun!  I didn't see any bikers this year though (since I was in the kitchen the entire time), but it was nice to see a ton of familiar faces volunteering too.  We helped prepare approximately 800 plates for the elderly. 

While we were serving, all I could here was staff members reminding us, "Remember, leveled scoops!" Due to the budget cuts from a poor economy, the amount of food had to be portioned, so that enough people could be fed.  I overheard another woman say, "I can't believe we are only making 800 plates because nearly 5 years ago, we served 2,000."  Although there were only 800 plates, I'm glad that at least 800 elderly were able to enjoy a holiday meal.


  1. I miss volunteering there. =(
    You know, part of the leveled scoops rule might be to prevent increasing portion sizes. They usually have exact measurements to make sure each meal has the appropriate portion size. Don't want food coma after the Thanksgiving meal either. =)

  2. I know what you mean. I don't need gifts, I would rather just volunteer on Christmas. Hmmm.... It was a nice meal actually.


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