Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Chaos in Waikiki

Halloween in Waikiki was insane!  It was my first Halloween experience in Waikiki and all I can say is "wow."  It was amusing, frightening, and eventually tiresome, but definitely worth the experience!

I had an insane rush at first.  It was so much fun!  There were people everywhere in all sorts of costumes.  I planned to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but last minute I also picked up a disco girl costume to wear.  I walked 20 minutes from a friend's house to park the car.  Then, we all walked together as a group to Waikiki.

Many of the people in the group had already been drinking.  One man dressed as a stripper.  He was so drunk and crazy that it was hillarious!  He danced in the street, in front of passing cars, and even at the fire station.  In total, he made a $1.  It was too funny!

When he started getting crazy, dancing around a homeless man, I became a little tense. The homeless man was clearly mentally unstable, but luckily he didn't strike back and attack.  I'm glad he didn't stab us!

There were massive crowds, everywhere in Waikiki.  It was hard to walk through the crowds without bumping into one another.  People were screaming in revelry, there were cops blowing whistles trying to control crowds, and ambulances consistently came through Waikiki to pick up the ill or injured.

There were some amazing costumes last night!  The one's I noticed the most were the Wizard of Oz crew.  The entire cast!  There were two GI Joes who did an amazing job of looking like human-size toys.  I saw one man dressed as Michael Jackson.  There were cheers throughout the street when "Michael Jackson" walked the strip.  I even saw a man who looked like Jesus.  Another man dressed as Jack from Jack in the box, while there were two men on stilts.  There were a ton of inspiring costumes.  Originality definitely counts for something!

Unfortunately, my camera died in the middle of it all. I was so disappointed. I am happy to at least have some pictures.  I asked my friend to take a few, so hopefully I'll be able to add those later.

My husband made his own costume.  He was a South Park character, Professor Chaos.  He got a ton of attention from South Park fans.  When were were walking, people would yell "It's Professor Chaos! Awesome Costume!"  One man took his picture.  I was impressed by the costume too.  It turned out great.  We also saw one another individual who was dressed as Professor Chaos.  It was hard to believe! My all time favorite costume, however, was a ginger bread cookie!  I soooo wanted to take a picture with the ginger bread man!

I am sure the men must've REALLY enjoyed all of the scantily clad women! Many of the females dressed up as Play Boy bunnies, strippers, sailors, cheer leaders, wonder woman, and more. It was crazy how many females wore almost nothing last night.   The perverts also came out last night for the show.  One pervert tried to touch a female's front side (if you know what I mean) with his floaty, but pretended it was "accidental." 

As were were almost done walking the strip, there were religious protestors.  They were yelling how participation in Halloween is sinful and that we would suffer the consequences.  All of a sudden, a man dressed as a nun walks by.  "You are going to make their day!" a female yells, as the "nun" walks by and gives the protestors his two cents.  As we walked past the protestors, I noticed how silent it became because it was uncomfortable to walk past them.  I saw a young man in costume, with his head down, across from the protestors.  He was either REALLY drunk or either affected by the protestors' comments. 

I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I wish I found a basket with toto in it!  I walked in red, 3 inch heels that nearly killed me before I returned to the hotel, but it was a lot of fun to be Dorothy. A lot of fun.  It was also fun being a disco girl.  I had picked the costume up right before heading out to Waikiki last night since my Dorothy costume was a bit too big, until my sister helped me fix it with pins.  Party City was practically empty so now I know that the best time to pick up a costume is on Halloween!

While we were looking for a place to eat at in Waikiki, crazy things began to happen.  There were two HUMONGOUS women fighting.  They were bickering and began to have a physical confrontation.  They weren't twice my size, but more like 20 times my size!  It was scary to watch them fight.  The crowds started to get rowdy, as they fought.  My husband decided it would be the best time to sneak into Jack in the Box since the crowd paid more attention to the two women, making it easier to get into the fast food restaurant.  However, like everywhere else, it was more than overcrowded inside!

As I stood outside of Jack in the Box waiting for him, an ambulance picked someone up on a stretcher from across the street.  All of a sudden, two young men began to fight each other on the ground, when a large group of people started to crowd around, cheering.  In matter of seconds, it became a group fight! There were people running to the other side of the street when cops out of nowhere dropped them like flys. People were being arrested and taken away.  The ambulance had to pick up an injured man who was bleeding on the side of his head, so now there were two people in the ambulance. It was mass chaos all at once!  I was frightened.  A small fight began to spread rapidly like a wildfire. 

My friend said she saw people grabbing random bystanders to punch them out for fun, but my husband claims it was a group fight among friends. In all honesty, things happened so rapidly that it was hard to understand what was actually happening.  One fight only led to a bigger fight ... I was ready to go home.

As I was walking, the girl next to me looked furious and said  to her boyfriend, "They are so stupid, ya?" "They don't know how to handle their liquor!" All I could say is "Yea, it's pretty scary too."  I just wanted to get out of there!  I was afraid that we might get caught in the chaos.

As we began to head to our hotels, I was ready to hit the sack.  It was one memorable Halloween!

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