Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Second Homestay - Ubud, Bali

While in Bali, my friend and I had to switch homestays.  She constantly kept on getting insect bites and we weren't sure if it was bed bugs, mosquitoes, or some other unknown creature.  The next homestay was owned by a Balinese family who made their home into a business.  I felt as if I was sleeping in a temple.  It was beautiful!

I wish I could find my photos of the hotel's exterior, but I'm still searching.  Until then, here are some photos of the inside.

On the inside, our room was simple, but nice.

Next door, our neighbors were from France and Belgium, which I found very interesting.  The French man next door was very lively and talkative.  He was fascinated by the fact that I was from Hawaii because he had just purchased batik with a hula girl on it. The Belgium neighbors next door were also fun to chat with.  They thought it was funny that I found Belgium to be so interesting, but I'm not kidding when I say I want to visit.

The young man who also worked at the hotel lived in the countryside, but moved to Ubud to work.  He was one of the friendliest people I've ever met.  I tried to help him with his English for a night.  He hasn't been exposed to much of the world and has never heard of Hawaii before, but by working in Ubud, he's been learning a lot about other people and nations.

While I enjoyed my stay at the hotel, my friend and I became extremely ill from food poisoning.  It was our last day in Bali and all we could do is rest in our room, puking repeatedly for an entire day.  It was horrible, but we also began to laugh about the situation.  It was actually pretty funny.  My friend was burping up a storm.  We both had plastic bags next to our beds and we had to take turns running to the bathroom.  It was pretty gross, but we couldn't stop laughing hysterically after thinking about the people outside who could hear us.  We wondered what they must have been thinking.

I did enjoy staying at the hotel.  It looks beautiful on the outside.  Inside, the rooms are simple, but comfortable.  There's also free breakfast in the morning served with hot tea.  The bathroom was pretty nice too.  It only costs about $15.00 for a night, which I think is extremely reasonable.  The room was also clean and the staff friendly.  However, it can get a bit muggy inside and there may not be hot water at times.  But other than that, it's a great place to stay.

I would highly recommend a homestay in Bali.  For sure, I'll stay at one of these accommodations again.  Where else can you find a room that is as cheap and nice for less than $20.00?  It comes with everything you need.  Why pay more for a hotel?


  1. Oh, my, no fun to get food poison. Hope that you and your friend have completely recover.

  2. Hello, Mary! Could you please provide the name, location and contact information (or whatever details you have :) of this homestay? I will be traveling to Bali in a few months, and I would really like to stay at this reasonable and cozy sounding place. Thank you!

  3. Hello!

    Yes, actually there are several in Ubud Bali, a place I would recommend. The first one I stayed at was called BRATA 2. It was only about $10 US and it was nice, comfortable room with a breeze ... It was on Jalan Hanoman. I had a gorgeous view. The second place I stayed at I'll have to confirm the name of, but it was in the same area. It was a little more hidden, but it looked like a temple. The room can get a bit stuffy, but it's nice inside, esp. the bathroom. I believe the name was tunjung, but i'll have to confirm. It was about $15 US. You may also want to try Sri Bungalows... It's cheap and my friend seems to enjoy staying there. It won't be hard to find a place. You could arrive in Ubud, Bali and easily find a place by just walking down the street. It's normal for people to come up to you and ask if you need a room since they are trying to find people to stay at their place. Good luck!


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