Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few Fond Memories of Indonesia

While in Indonesia, I had a chance to see many interesting things.  I was able to capture some of these memories on my camera.

In Indonesia, motorcycles are everywhere.  The first time I landed in Indonesia, I took a taxi to my hotel.  On my way to the hotel, I was shocked at what I saw outside as we drove by.  My mouth dropped as I saw families including babies on motorcycles! I also saw a father riding his motorcycle with his daughter on his shoulders.  I'll never forget it. 

There are motorcycle taxis in Indonesia too.  While I never thought I'd get on the back of a motorcycle overseas, I have to admit that I did several times and I had a blast.  For sure, I'll have to ride again!

At times, you may even see people on motorcycles carrying either the most unusual items (i.e. a chicken) or an enormous load of stuff on the back of their bikes such as baskets or hay.  I found this to be interesting, while walking through the market ...

For sure, you'll see someone transporting enormous amounts of stuff from place to place ...

Another thing I love about Indonesia is that food is available everywhere you turn and it's sold in the most interesting way ... There are many of these push carts on the side of the street and sometimes, they are mobile and move from place to place.  After living in Indonesia, you'll be able to quickly identify when bread, meat balls, and corn are being sold outside of your house because there's a sound for each.

After being in Indonesia, I learned that people sure do love photos! While walking with my camera in Indonesia, I would sometimes encounter people who waved or gestured, "take my picture."  I would snap a photo and sometimes they would pose for the camera with a big smile like the young man below.  Many people were happy to be in my photos and on occassion would ask me to be in their photos too.

I hope you enjoy these photos ...


  1. It is really nice that you enjoyed your time there! And lots of pictures too!

  2. Nice photos! That's so crazy, having a whole family on a motorcycle. I guess it's a little safer when there aren't as many cars, and most of the people on the road are on motorcycles instead.


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