Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laundry in Bali

It could just be me, but I have an obsession with clean clothes.  In Bali, this couldn't be more true.  It's hot and humid.  There's no way you could wear the same pair of sweaty clothes twice. I had my clothes washed three to four times a week at Dede's Laundry Service.  But I had fresh, clean clothes to wear, which made it worth every rupiah spent.

Although many countries have coin laundry machines, in Bali things are quite different.  I couldn't find a single coin laundry machine and why would I want to find one anyway?  There are various laundry services available, where you can get your clothes cleaned for a reasonable price.  For several pairs of clothes, it cost approximately $2.00 USD and I didn't have to do a thing, except drop off and pick up my clothes!

For those of you who feel completely clueless about the process of dropping your clothes off at some random laundry service near your hotel, here's what to expect ...

Drop your clothes off.  Then, wait for it to be sorted into different piles (i.e. shirts, shorts, skirts, etc).  Afterward, the clerk will count how many items of clothing you dropped off and will charge you based on the type and amount.

The clerk will let you know when to return to pick up your clothes.  Always carry your receipt with you.  Then, pay after picking up your items.  You may notice pieces of colorful yarn sewn on each item of clothing, but don't worry. It can easily be removed and it's only used as a marker, so that your clothes will not get mixed up (I believe).   Your clothing will also be bundled in plastic, which makes it easy to carry.  Just remember to make sure you've received all of your clothing back!

While I haven't experienced missing clothing, my friend ended up with a stranger's underwear.  It happens.


  1. Mary, u should make a book about travelling to Indonesia, hahaha. And yessss, we don't have such like coin laundry, we got plenty laundry services everywhere!

  2. LOL I would love to! hehehehe I like laundry service more than coin laundry machines. It makes life easier to drop off and pick up your clothes. hehe

  3. That service surly saves you a lot of trouble of doing laundry! More time to enjoy the food for you! :)


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